What is The Broken Set?

The "Broken Set", X such that X equals all human emotion, is a numerical set based upon the idea that all human emotion can be boiled down to just numbers. The idea behind this came to me one day as I was sitting in college, and while it was meaningless at the time, I think it may actually have some substance in this day and age. AI is just upon the horizon (supposedly), but how is a computer meant to emote? How is it meant to empathise? The Broken Set symbolizes the answer to these questions, a method for which feelings can be expressed in equation form.

Only the good ones, though. Hate and Rage are in massive supply thanks to Humankind already, and we don't need any more.

What's this site for?

I'd love an answer to this question myself, honestly. Though I suppose I can describe it as a private venture into simple internet development. A hobby, really. It's a little place for myself, a nostalgia piece, and this iteration of Broken Set Online especially is a love letter to my... what, one-maybe-two-maybe-more month inclusion in the group known as the Network Neighborhood. I really need to stop dwelling on that, it's depressing, and it doesn't help this lengthy quarter-life crisis I'm being forced to "enjoy". Meanwhile, I have Network2 to work on as a result of their disbanding. That was far too much of a petty victory at the time for me to admit.

Speaking of nostalgia and hobbies, this background screen and the splash page background are done by... me! Though they're meant to ape the style of the Windows 95 setup screen, or first boot screen, or whatever it was. Actually, all of the art on this site is either mine or a Windows asset, with the exception of one or two of the welcome screen's 88x31 buttons. You know, the colorful things at the bottom of the front page.

All this talk about you and your ideologies. Who are you, really?

Well, I'd answer that question, but I know for a fact that giving out your name on the internet is a one-way train ticket directly to figurative hell as far as privacy goes. I don't need a future employer looking on here at my blog posts and talking at me about how the Great Orange God-Emperor was the most amazing figure to rule the United States, and how I should feel ashamed to slander his good name. I suppose if you need to call me anything, you can call me Klaus. Klaus Ostwind. Your anonymous narrator for the times of darkness we find ourselves in today, or something equally edgy. German? Yes. But far less related to fascists than the 2016 iteration of the Republican Party, kweh!

Okay. One last thing - what's WebTV?

'TIS THE SOURCE OF MY ENERGY-- well, actually it's a relic of the Network Neighborhood. A guy named Skyber21 made some neat sites back in that day, like the Packard Bell Fanclub site, and more importantly, this thing called WebTV. It was a mess of HTML frames, but it worked, alright. I was mostly infatuated with it for its fancy little preloader and Flash-based splash screen, the sound to which I use when a user goes to the main frameset on my site. Unfortunately Skyber21 has deleted all evidence of his work, but I kept that little boot tone as a reminder of better days.

For the love of Pan I wish I could write about myself without being about as depressing as the inevitable heat death of the universe.