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16/8/2017 • Give Me A Sign

I haven't posted in over two months again. Some of you, by which I mean just about none, are probably wondering where I was. Well, aside from traveling around within my state and down to Kentucky this last weekend, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Not even doing the streaming thing much anymore, come to think of it, probably because I'm tired of having nobody at all show up. Maybe it's just because I'm inconsistent, or because people have better things to do on a Saturday night than watch an unfunny freak try to be tolerable online. As much as I'd like to continue pitying myself, I want something out of my life, and I'm pretty sure this isn't where I'm gonna find it. Came up with a resume a few weeks ago, so at least I have a gnat's chance of getting a job, as opposed to probably literally negative chance. I'm tired of this rut. I hope I get out of it before I do something stupid. Stay Fractally. ♠

8/5/2017 • Pain In The Neck

So yeah, about a week ago or so I finally put out theTrackmania Turbo review, and it's the finest piece of editing glamor that I've ever put to Youtube. I suggest you head over and give it a go - that's "Video" on the sidebar there to your left. As of recent news, well... the second-to-last stream I had, I got raided by LinuxGuruGamer of Kerbal Space Program modding fame. I didn't realize it at the time. Regrets. And I've been getting intense neck pain for the last two-three days now, on and off. Think it's a muscular thing. Oh, and apparently SC is okay with me now. Wonder how long that's gonna last... I swear I typed that before but I can't find it in a previous post. Weeeeird. Stay Fractally. ♠

18/4/2017 • The Day The Music Was Resurrected

Hooray, found a fix for Dropbox not letting my music play. Guess what fixed it? I had to change "?dl=0" at the end of the link to "?dl=1". I mean, the syntax makes sense, but WHY? The links worked before, and then one day they just didn't because screw me for having my website work a certain way. The Dropbox devs are assoholic biches [sic].

I actually got around to writing a script for that Trackmania Turbo review I wanted to make. Now to actually find the strength to film myself doing it, doing voice-overs, pulling all the resorces for the gags together... Videos are time-consuming. But hey, one thing at a time. Tell me what you think of the music choices, by the way. Added two new ones in this update for music from the Pinball Fantasies game for MS-DOS. Because I fucking love modtracker music. Stay Fractally. ♠

13/4/2017 • Lone Ech

Happy 4/13.

Three new 88x31 buttons on the front page. One because I had the art assets lying around unused, one because screw fascisti scum, and the other because I wanted my site to have its own 88x31 button. Y'know, like all the cool kids have.

Got a new record recently, this one of Tangerine Dream's "Exit". I'm not big on their music, but I really like the one track "Remote Viewing". Maybe I should make a page for my vinyl library... But that's effort and work. Urgh.

I'll end on a question: I've been using Dropbox for a while to host music for this site from. Something's changed, and I dunno if anyone's noticed, but the music that's supposed to play on this page and the splash screen don't seem to actually play anymore. I dunno if it's fixable, but if it is, I wanna know how. If it isn't, give me an alternative to Dropbox that I can actually link music to HTML from. It's been grinding me ever since it broke and I'd love to have the music back. Stay Fractally. ♠

6/4/2017 • Cutting Ties

It's 4:30 AM on a Thursday. Been up for far longer than is sane, and thusly I'm feeling stupid and emotional and retrospective. I dunno how many people read this blog, so I dunno if anyone's gonna understand what I'm talking about today.

First off, some good news - the streams have been going well. Every Saturday at 9pm EST. We've been having fun and I've been getting drunk. Links are on the site. Come visit one day, everyone's invited.

Then, because I feel like ending on a bad note 'cause I hate myself, Network2 is likely not gonna be a thing. I mean, who saw that one coming? It's only been, what, four months? Surprise! I can't bring back the dead! The more important thing to note is how I've pretty much killed any idea of possibly getting back together with the guys from NN, Spriteclad and River specifically. Tell 'em I said Hi if you're ever over there, though they'll probably take it as an insult, considering they both hate my guts. The details probably don't matter, there was some antagonizing and I flipped my shit as is the norm in their company. To think, I kinda liked the both of them starting out. Can't socialize with uptight dicks to save my life. Probably for the best. Stay Fractally. ♠

18/3/2017 • Lazy, Lazy, Lazy: The Redux

I am a lazy boy. Actually streaming tonight, set reminders and everything. It's 8:39 PM as I type this so I'm not sure how many of you will get this in time or if you'll care, but I might as well try anyway! Stay Fractally. ♠

11/3/2017 • Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

It IS in fact about two months since my last blog post. Hooray for keeping up with this damn blog and stuff. I know, I know, I'm a lazy bugger and it's been affecting my self-esteem for years now, to the point where I had yet another crisis about it a few days ago. It's very likely that I'm actually going to have a stream up tonight, what with it being Saturday. I haven't actually done the streaming thing ONCE since I stuck this site up. As for the Network2 thing me and my ex seemed to be getting on about at the beginning of the year, well... that isn't happening as far as I know. He probably expected me to take some initiative, and hot damn is that a mistake. Far too much effort required to keep everything in check... Whatever, I'll deal. I MIGHT figure something out, but creating another site is a lot of hassle I'm not entirely prepared to deal with, especially when I'm creatively bankrupt like I figure I am. Stay Fractally. ♠

7/1/2017 • Small mercies.

Welp, it's Saturday. so later on I'll have a stream up. was thinking of making another video yesterday, but that didn't exactly pan out like i wanted it to. See, I got a new camera, and that's great. What's not great is the microphone quality. It's very muffled, like I'm talking through a pillow. But I'll make it work. 'Least it keeps my screechy voice in check. So yeah, if you haven't checked the "Youtube" page of the site yet (it's right there on the sidebar, have a gander), streams are on Saturdays at 9PM Eastern Time. Come have fun. Stay Fractally. ♠

1/1/2017 • Second time's the charm.

Y'know, ten minutes ago I knew exactly what to write for this blog post. And now, as I sit here at the Tradewind's keyboard, staring at its comparatively small 1600x900 screen, I have... absolutely nothing. I mean, I COULD go ahead and write about how this is the very beginning of a new year. A new year where I lost faith in humanity again about eight minutes in. I could write about the Trump presidency beginning sometime soon, and how this may well usher in one hell of a fascist revolution as a result - including an effective teardown of the FCC if everything goes tits-up like I expect it to. Because cynicism gets me everywhere. I could even write about how I can't seem to keep on a good note with literally anyone I meet these days, not the least of which was Spriteclad, who I'm HOPING I can get a last chance with on the grounds of it being a brand new year and all. And technically I did actually write about all of this just now, so there's my blog post, done and dusted, but I WILL say this - My site is up again, better than ever, and I'm not leaving this time. Welcome to 2017.

Welcome to the Broken Set. Stay Fractally. ♠